General Programs:

Are you ready to live the best story of your life?

Every moment of each day you are writing your own unique story. Although family, friends, and even coworkers play diverse and often colorful roles in your life, you are your stories’ main author and editor.

Is your story a drama, a comedy, or an adventure? What stories are you telling yourself about yourself? About others? Are you reliving the chapters of your past or are you building the chapters of your future?

Only you possess the ability to write and reshape your own unique story. Why not fill it with an even more vibrant and meaningful tomorrow? Your story really does matter. Your future matters. You matter. Come and be RE-inspired to see your life and your potential in a whole new way.


Programs for Associations, Corporations:

Why love, belief and meaning matter: Seven ways to build a more meaningful workplace

Can the digital age replace what the heart needs?

Although technology allows us to communicate and connect in extraordinary ways, as human beings we yearn for connection and meaning. Yet, it often feels like we don’t have the time or even the language to build teamwork, engagement, trust and respect in the workplace.

Cheryl believes we hold in our hands something far more valuable than any technological gadget: the power to change lives, impact futures, and breathe life into a world desperately in need of love, belief, and meaning.

In this lively keynote address, Cheryl will demonstrate why instilling confidence with authentic communication matters and how it can be used to create a more dynamic and meaningful workplace.

Nutrition for a Retailer’s Soul

Caution: Inspiration is contagious. Attend this seminar only if you want to take back your life and your sanity! 

Remember when you first dreamed of owning your store?

With boundless energy you’d create captivating displays and travel to national gift shows sourcing the hottest trends. You’d greet shoppers —joyfully; serve your community—wholeheartedly; plan and host talk-of-the-town special events—enthusiastically! !

Then, one day, you realized small business ownership wasn’t all glitz and glamour after all.

If your confidence and your profits are under attack, this session is for you. Practical and powerful, this seminar is filled with nutrients  to reinvigorate a retailer’s soul. Discover refreshing ways to see yourself and your business.

The Art of Wooing — Using storytelling to win customers and sales

We grew up listening to stories: at school, at bedtime, around the campfire, and at the movie theater. A good story will be remembered and retold countless times.

Stories enchant us; they often move us to laughter or even tears. Stories are powerful. Hollywood knows this; politicians are masterful at it.

So are big corporations.

Spending billions of dollars crafting stories to sell their products and services, corporations use nearly every ploy imaginable to captivate their audience, from the downright ridiculous to tug-atyour-heartstrings raw emotion. Their savvy marketing campaigns, fueled by sophisticated market research, tout having the solution to challenges and the euphoria of having a life of prestige, love, happiness, and power. Today, a product’s story can even create more media buzz than the actual event…think Super Bowl commercials!

There is no denying it. In our high-tech, fast-paced world, it takes new and creative ways to capture the attention of today’s consumers. The ART of STORYTELLING is alive and well.

Are YOU using stories to elevate your sales and business?

As an independent retailer, you have the distinct advantage to personally woo and captivate your customers once they walk through your door. Being on the front lines nearly everyday, you’re an expert at market research. You are your own best marketing campaign.

You have a story. Your store has a story. Every single one of your products and vendors has a story. And best yet, your customer’s have amazing stories about you and the life-changing products you sell. Combined, these stories are your secret sauce!

So what’s the take away from this rich in content and fast-paced workshop? We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is your story? Why it matters and how you can use it to win your customers hearts and loyalty
  • How to “mine” for compelling and relevant stories to inspire customers to swoon to your store and to fall in love with you and your products, again and again
  • How to tell your story consistently in simple and compelling ways through visual merchandising, events and customer service
  • How to reframe the story you tell yourself (and others) about your business, your life, your vendors, your employees and your customers. Yes, it does influence your bottom line!
  • How stories are expressed through action as well as inaction and what you can do to hit the reset button on your store’s image
  • What’s your future story and why having one matters

Isn’t it about time to authentically and creatively woo your customers?
(Best used as a two hour or two-day workshop. Can be modified to one hour if necessary.)