Cheryl is an unforgettable, rollicking wake up call to life!

As a keynote speaker, Cheryl is passionate about energizing and inspiring her audience to live, engage in, and experience the best story of their lives.

Whether speaking to a group of high-powered CEO’s, entrepreneur’s, or a non-profit group, Cheryl seamlessly weaves powerful stories and lasting words of inspiration into her keynote presentations. As one attendee recently commented, “Not only am I walking away from Cheryl’s talk with dynamic and relevant ideas to grow my brand and business, I believe I can do it.”

After selling over one million gift books all beginning with a promise to be there for a loved one throughout life’s hilarities and heartaches, her philosophy is that life is messy, beautiful, sometimes difficult, and often hilarious. If we know at least one person loves us, believes in us, and that our life matters, we can thrive and survive. Laughter is just on the other side of tears.

Her publishing company, Gently Spoken, is dedicated to helping others communicate love, hope, and encouragement when individuals can’t find the words themselves. To date, Gently Spoken has sold over one million books that help people do just that!

She sets an extraordinary example we should all follow.

“Cheryl redefines the term “inspiration,” understanding with great clarity the importance of incorporating both the heart and the head into product development, business operations, and personal interaction. Her goal-—whether for an addition to the Gently Spoken line or to the person sitting across the table from her–is to always lift others, giving them the gift of a smile and the belief that they can do anything.”
— Cinda Baxter
Founder and President,
The 3/50 Project

Books Sold
Hearts Touched
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What’s the take-away from a Cheryl Karpen keynote?

Whoever you are, wherever you find yourself in life, Cheryl Karpen has a message of contagious possibility. From high-powered sales professionals and highly motivated entrepreneurs to soccer moms and teens sorting out life’s possibilities, folks who hear Cheryl speak will tell you to expect great things. You, too, will be….

• Ready to tackle things you have only dreamed about

• Empowered to believe in what you want to accomplish

• Energized to think about your potential in a whole new way

• Celebrated for all you have to offer others

• Affirmed for exactly who you are

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Blog. Blog. Blog.

Dear Friends,

Life is both happy and sad, peppered with hilarities and heartaches alike.

If you can think, breathe and feel, no one escapes the ebb and flow of very real, raw, and authentic feelings.

Because we are human…
our hearts open,
our hearts close.

That’s why we need one another

to love

to lean on

to listen to

to lend hope.

On those days when we feel perplexed by life, physically exhausted, lonely or stressed beyond what feels humanly possible, undoutedly someone –possibly even a stranger–stands in the gap, catches us before we fall and gives us a thread of hope that tomorrow will be a much better day.

People all around us are Standing in the Gap.

They are our neighbors, our co-workers, a sister, an uncle, a parent, a spouse or even a stranger. They are nurses, teachers, pastors, caregivers, and volunteers; individuals who are often willing to sacrifice time, energy, money, and even their dreams so that another person may live theirs.

Several years ago, I had the privilege to stand in the gap for a young troubled teen named Maddy. I wasn’t sure how I could ever give Maddy hope that her life would get better.   I was only sure I had to try.  I began to remember when I was a young girl of 16 and how I had wished I had someone to talk to that would listen to me and not judge me; someone who would love and accept me no matter what.  That’s when I knew I had to give Maddy a promise  she could leave on her nightstand as a reminder she, too, was loved.  The “promise” would be given to her in the form of a small hand-tied and hand-lettered book: At the heart of this little book is a promise. It’s a promise from me to you  and it goes like this:  If you ever need someone to talk to, someone who will listen, just call me.  Call me early or call me late. Just call me!  Filling the rest of the pages with words of encouragement and nutrition for Maddy’s heart and soul, I called the book Eat Your Peas for Young Adults.

The ripple effect of that one simple outreach, a simple book with a promise inspired by Maddy, has impacted nearly a million lives. Today, along with the promise, each of the twelve titles in the Eat Your Peas Collection says, “I love you, I believe in you, your life matters to me.” Isn’t that something we all yearn to know and believe?

Today Maddy is a vibrant, wise and loving wife. After all, we can all get by (and through) with a little help from our friends.  Sometimes we just need someone to stand in the gap.

Peas and joy,

Cheryl Karpen

Rave Reviews

Read what people are saying…

“We were blown away by Cheryl!!!”

“She is a fantastic speaker who was so engaging with the audience and very relatable to everyone in the room. She was able to speak to us as humans and nurses and interject real life things that promoted thought and self reflection for us. I would love to hear her speak again!”

“Absolutely delightful!!!! She made me laugh an she made me cry. I had the chance to realize how often I have stood I the gap for family friends and patients and never realized the impact.”

– Allina Hospital Nursing Conference

You captured hearts from all over the United States! Every woman, young and old should have the opportunity to hear you speak at least once in her life.
Mary Barnes,
Ladies Event Coordinator,
Great North Adventure
If you are looking for an inspirational/motivational speaker, Cheryl is the speaker for you. You will not be disappointed. I have known her on a professional level for many years; as a retailer, manufacturer and as a speaker. When you talk to Cheryl about things that she has a passion for, you become passionate about them as well. That is one of the reasons retailer buyers find her seminars a “must see.”
Beth Anderson,
Minneapolis Gift Mart 2014
Your are such an amazing speaker. You have a natural ability to WOW people with your genuine personality and you touch people in a way most cannot.
Lila Tully,
CEO, Rubble Tile
At the 36/36 Conference in St. Louis, you were passionate and energetic, informative, motivational and thoughtful (with a delightful touch of humor)! There are many people, like me, who will benefit from your wisdom.
Tom Piper,
CEO, MacQuest Consulting
We received rave reviews from our members about Cheryl’s presentation at the Michigan Hospital Gift Shop Manager’s Association Spring Conference. Because Cheryl made an extra effort to learn who we were and tailored her presentation to our needs, it was especially meaningful. Her knowledge of both retail and manufacturing operations, allows her to speak from true experience. We highly recommend Cheryl for your conference. Her message and energy will stick with you for months after the conference is over.
Vanessa Robar,
Gift Shop Manager, Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
As you can see from the survey results, you were a hit at the conference. Thanks again for helping to make it such a success!
Nancy Viele,
Michigan Association of Healthcare Advocates Conference Coordinator
A gifted speaker! Cheryl will be invited back before the word gets out about this best-kept secret.
Mark E. Battiato,
CEO, Growth Into Greatness Institute
Cheryl has a knack for putting the heart back into business. If you ever have a chance, get a front row seat!
Tom Hill,
Speaker and Author, Eagle Institute

Everybody loves Eat Your Peas!!

  • After reading Eat Your Peas for Daughters, my daughter was in happy tears!

  • Eat Your Peas books are small but mighty!

  • It tugged at my heartstrings.

  • I absolutely loved it!

  • My son told me he will keep this book for the rest of his life.

  • I keep my Eat Your Peas book on my nightstand. I feel like it was written just for me.

  • It is the sweetest way for a friend to say, “I care.”

  • When I feel like the whole world is against me, my Eat Your Peas book makes me feel better.

  • It is not often such a small purchase can make such a big impact.

  • Eat Your Peas for Tough Times is the most precious book I ever received.

  • From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • My mom loved Eat Your Peas for Mothers so much she made me two pans of brownies!

  • Your books are amazing and so uplifting.

  • Cheryl’s books are perfect, no matter the age.

  • I now have hope to go on with life. Your book is a blessing.

  • Your book made me feel so much better about myself.

  • THANK YOU for such a beautiful book.

  • I’ve had some pretty dark days this year and need you to know that your book has helped me through.

  • It seems the books are causing tears of joy everywhere!

  • I had no idea my sister was proud of me…thank you for putting into words what my heart needed to hear.

  • You bring inspiration and hope to people who don’t always have something to look forward to.

  • You can count on me to be a lifelong customer!

  • I am broken in pieces. I now have hope to go on with life.

  • It lifted my spirits.

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